Skin Tease


I have to confess , each time I decide to blog a skin release from WOW, I think of the best way to show off the details of it and the wonderful shades.

I am specially biased to the milk on the left and the bronze on the right. Love them totally.

I am using my own shape smiles, but look at those accentuated curves .. I feel shy giggles

When sugarfairy sent me this 650 Zed Sensations*.Romantic Instinct Lingerie, I thought of sexy stuff, but the hud she has with it – blew me off!!

And no, there is more to the laungrie than you see


Customization through a color change hud , for Standard bodies and Mesh bodies too. This set is a must have this Valentines day. Options of panties with the corset additions all driven through huds to add your own flavor. A must have!

Style Credits

Skin : Victoria 2016 Skin by Wow available at SWANK

Hair : JEZBEL hair by EMO-tions on the right in the first picture and Taylor Bangs by Entwined

These pictures are not styled with any accessories , or make up for a purpose smiles


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