Loaded Emotions

This post is rather special.

Yes, Its loaded with Emotions as I turn 36 today!

Gratitude & Humble surrender

Larger Than Life.png

I call this one Larger than Life. Life continues and at sometime it will cease to.

Emotions however, will continue depending on the people you touch!

So If you truly want to be larger than life, its about touching so many people in such deep ways that no one can eliminate your thoughts and memories from their minds.

Sneak Preview.png

You wont ever have all of me, and certainly never at one go.

I will give you a sneak preview of who I am and maybe in time!

Say That Again.png

By AGATA Mode: Terry knit two-piece

By Tableau Vivant: Wrap Up Blonde @ C88 with Curly hairbase for systems head (available with Editorial hairbase)

By Glamistry Azalea heels

By Formanails : Rins 3 for Maitreya hands

By DaneMarkZ: Slanted Frenchies light

By Lode : Winter Wood Mood Head Accessory

Prop : By RAMA : #selfie_RAMA Private School

Pose : Frozen Face Pose 07 by Wertina. Frozen

Shena 2 and pose prazilo2 by Zipi Poses


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