Fascinating Freaky

Going to the circus in India is often not just about tricks and shows, it’s about fascinating skills at display by the ordinary.

I think the essence of fantastic lies not just in the gifts of uniqueness and the mysteries of unknown; sometimes it’s all about taking the ordinary and lifting the standards.


Well, having said that FREAKSHOW Carnival by SCALA™ is going to have a lot to indulge into – both in aspects of fascinating and the ordinary transformed into extra ordinary

I am covering a few today, and you will see exactly what I meant to say lol


Stylist & Photographer Ruby Wearing items available at FREAKSHOW Carnival by SCALA™

Blood On My Mind.png

Picture 1 Outfit: By Alpha Tribe : Harlequin complete avatar skin and outfit

Picture 2 Outfit: By Alpha Tribe : Pierrette complete avatar skin and outfit

Picture 3 Accessories: By Chop Zuey : The crows of Pearlblossom black snake

By Bauahus Movement : Lethargica (blood on the lips and key)

By Dark Passions: Koffin Nails hud for Slink, Maitreya and Omega

On the Set:

By Baxe : Juggler ball in red (pic1) and knives thrower object (pic1)


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