Time Goes By, Somethings Stay

There are moments in a woman’s life when her heart flips in her chest, When the world suddenly seems uncommonly pink and perfect, When a symphony can be heard in the tinkle of a doorbell. And those times and moments see seals in her memory for all times

Time Stops without you.png

This one got me super excited and thus I kept clicking away

Shadow Fun.png

Mesh Body : By Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Outfit: By GIZZA – Lauren Strapless Dress (Brown / Green and Lace colors used)

On the Set: By Image Essentials Lost Memories available at Miles of Memories

Tattoo: By White Widow – Chocolat Black

Hair: By Foxy – Monster Hair Ombre

Accessories: By Promagic : Tinkle chain and Sandals available at The Chapter Four



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