In Darkness

There is truth in the fact,

That too much of anything can get monotonous – so when I noticed this new VIP gift from RAPTURE™called Tee Kris, I decided it was time I did something different and summer will need to take a break.

 This top is brilliantly done, and I must guide you to the flickr group to see how many styling options there can be with this tee. Today I decided to style this one a little dark because I have had the sun shine too long in my eyes this summer and it’s time to take a break.

 The Enosh shoes by Azoury available at Chapter Four I thought fitted my theme beautifully

 Accessories for this post come from Zibska (helmet – cause I love what Zib does) and Meva. I think the hair was a perfect fit and I used the storm version to make it shine.


○ RAPTURE™ Online:
Flickr group:

Style Credits

Maitreya Lara Mesh body

Tee Kris by RAPTURE™ VIP Group Gift

Enosh Shoes in white by Azoury available at CHAPTER FOUR

Meva Cubes set bracelet and rings

Haerveu helmet by Zibska

Aetemus Tattoo by Letis Tattoo

HOMAGE  Frenchie hair



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