Truth Does Not Need Colors

The June round of SWANK is dedicated to monochrome, and while monochrome is a fascinating styling trend to me personally, it’s also about life in ways of truth and lies.

I can always associate white to be the color of truth but I don’t see black as a color of lie, it’s more a color that makes the truth shine out even more bright


I think of life, and the most basic reality of life is driven by the colors black and white because truth does not need colors.


I am blogging today, with my friend confidant across the physical and virtual world Decius and I hope we can bring more fashion, styling and releases to you as we move along the journey to discover the truth in each other


The exposeur closing sale continues a few more days, all pictures on this blog post are poses of the store.

Style Credits

Photographer: Ruby Ornamental

On Decius

Outfit: New Roman outfit v.1 by Prism Available at SWANK

Face Paint: Marsh01 group gift by Zibska

Shoes : Boat shoes in white by GABRIEL (Gift)


On Ruby

Outfit: Baka Zipepr Dress by Bakaboo Available at SWANK

Shoes: EdelWeiss heels by Glamistry

Hair: December by KoKoLoReS Hair

Nail Art: Luna Available at SWANK


Picture 1: {.:exposeur:.} Somebody’s Somebody

Picture 2: {.:exposeur:.} Let There Be Love





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