Summer is fun in Virtual Space

I am not a summer person, and well when you live so close to the equator I guess it happens to many of us …

This year I decided I would really try my hands on summer fashion , summer styling and see if there is a way I can reduce my extreme emotional reaction to summer. Well I am glad to report – I am enjoying the summer blogs

I am presenting Amarelo Manga Debora dress, shoes, sunglasses and bag and I went ahead and added the linnen wide hat by Xen’s Hat available at SWANK to my styling.

The hair is free and available with so many gifts to get at Hairlogy for another two weeks


I love the detailing on the bag, its so much like a tote I once had in the physical world but I never used cause I dont step out in summer .. laughs


Style Credits

Model & Photographer: Ruby Ornamental

Available at Amarelo Manga Deborah Dress, Shoes, sunglasses and bag

Hat : At SWANK Summer linen hat by Xen’s Hat

Hair : At Hairology Jeanie by pr!tty


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