Yes I Photobombed my Boss!!

So well,

I have to confess – when Trouble invited people to take him exploring I was thrilled cause I was going to try and do more pictures and style to match his carefree and cool composure …

And for a while, he has been standing there on my platform rezzed and ready to go explore.

I have not stepped away from my platform for a while, so I decided my platform was worthy of exploring too … Grins


So, while I start looking through review copies of items from the amazing designers at PENUMBRA fashion week, I thought of this idea.

I pose as an Editor, while reviewing notes written by a novelist, I hate the book and just as I throw away the notes scattering them in air … there I see standing this cool dude and like most Hindi movies (Bollywood) I am taken away into dream land thinking and imagining of who this man could be and what is story is.

More about the story soon,


Style Credits

Model & Photographer: Ruby Ornamental

…. Photobombed Trouble Memphis Dethly

Dress: Darling Dress lagoon by Petit Chat available at PENUMBRA fashion week

From Bliensen + MaiTai available at PENUMBRA fashion week

Shoes : Granizo Peal encrusted high heels

Hat : Lady of the Lake – Hat with Hair

Jewellery : Marieke Necklace and Earrings

Makeup : From Zibska – Moll for eyes with red eyeliner by no.7 and Marian lips by Zibska


On the set:

Notes from the “Best Song Ever UNISEX Prop” by WetCat old Epicene event Item

Nothing is random by Dita Actor of Oddfish Studio old Epicene event Item


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