Creativity is in allowing you to make mistakes. Art knows which ones to keep.

Any task that is repeated in a manner frequently enough to produce a similar output can be called a process, do I then believe that publishing a blog picture is in fact a process?


Well, I could debate on both sides of the table on this one

It is in fact a process, since I do go through stages of choosing items for the blog, styling , image production , composition of content on a word document, finally publishing it on blog service sites.

But I do strongly believe while it is a process, it cannot be boxed into tight boundaries, for example

  • I often style and then take a break before even attempting to think of a composition
  • I do believe I get some of the better pictures when I have taken a break after styling and often when I am doing the picture in the morning hours
  • I strongly believe I am an evening / night person, and thus I do my content writing at night, and this maybe before or much after I have actually completed image production

Creativity is in allowing you to make mistakes. Art knows which ones to keep.

I am trying to polish my creativity, am I an artist in the making? I can’t answer that one and definitely not yet. Smiles

Today, I am presenting items from the Spring April round at SWANK


Style Credits

Model & Photographer: Ruby Ornamental

Dress: Tiffany Designs Spring Dress available in colors at SWANK worn with the Maitreya Lara Body

Headdress: Empress Headpiece in Gold by Modern Couture available in options at SWANK

Jeweler: Chloe Jewels by Moondance boutique available with color change HUD at SWANK

Hair: Helka Hair by Zibska

Make Up: Heavy mesh eyeliner by Oceane Body Designs



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