Royal Spring at SWANK


Jumo comes to SWANK this April with the very sexy Dominique Gown and a gorgeous junky jewellery set that goes with it and would look equally stunning on a pain back dress, because of it details and chunky stylings

The heavy mesh eyeliner by Oceane Body Design adds to the dramatic look of this styling, and that is not all I have coupled this with colored brows from Oceane and the jungle cat eyeshadows from there in purle to complete the dramatic climax


The gown itself is gorgeous, available in a few color options with the royal appeal. It has beautiful texturing to remind you of spring while continuing to retain the touch of gold or royal touch of richness. The pearl strings that holds the dress are designed to drape beautifully on the sides of the body leaving a lot of skin to show while continuing to keep one guessing

A plunging neckline to begin with and close with flowy prims adds the perfect touch of glamour to that date night when you think he is going to go down on his knees . He better have a ring to match your stunning style and beauty .. giggles

Style Credits

Model & Photographer: Ruby Ornamental

Dress & Jewellery: Dominique Gown and Jewels by Jumo Fashion available at SWANK

Hair: booN Hair gathered in black

Make Up : Heavy mesh eyeliner, Annie colored brows and Jungle cat eyeshadows by Oceane Body Designs. Pout lips by Zibska

Hope you enjoy shopping, see you all soon!!



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