Friday is Good

I spend the evening at church for the Good Friday service,

and I spend few hours thinking,

  • What can I do to reach out to people around
  • What do I ought to do, to be more fruitful to the society at large


And that is when I decided, I needed to complete my blog for REVAMPED

I picked up this gorgeous dress by Zibska which is called Verdandi, it has an amazing texture to the body. A strapless dress with a deep V neck, sexy and stunning, but there is more it comes with this very cute attachment on the shoulders which have small swirls to it in similar texture, check out the picture for more.


I have been thinking, the world is in some way going through challenges, shortage of water, misery, terrorism and so I styled this one like an angel and I use black, because this angel really can’t do much by herself.


We need to be the change we want so unless we all join together to support each other through sickness and bad times, I know we won’t see the glowing power in our wings.


There is both good and evil in us, all it needs is a bit of change and you can make that happen.

Style Credits

Model & Photographer: Ruby Ornamental

Dress: Verdandi Deux Dress with color change HUD available at REVAMPED

Hair: SC0052 by booN Hair

Tattoo: Assasin in black by White Widow available at Shiny Shabby

Wings and Halo : Fallen Angels by Me Sew Sexy Clothier (old on9 Gatcha item)

Makeup: Eyeliner by Epoque, Macey and Svenja (for eyes) and Pout lips by Zibska

The second dress I style is a dress called Reloaded by !Lyrical B!zarre Templates! available at REVAMPED



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