Spring Fling

“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”
― Rainer Maria Rilke

March has been an interesting month for me,


I was able to complete my first class at SCALA™ academy , where I am now the instructor for shaping class.

And while I do this, I continue to move ahead with MVWA Academy under the mentorship of Eleseren Brianna who I admire very much.

In a short conversation with the lovely sweet and kind Sienna Bellios she gave me tips on inventory indexing which I have been pushing away for the last over 5 years. I like her style of indexing and I have started to sort things . Thank you so much, I have so much to thank you for I could not even get started. Hugs

I attended a short session by VISIONAIRE thanks to the information from my lovely friend Mecca, and I feel I am working on hard to improve my photographic skills. The lack of photoshop ability will soon be a issue of the past. Fingers crossed

In the month of February , I was contacted by a designer who asked me to join her blogger group and not just that, also support an event she was launching in March. Then designer now friend Rebellah Antoinette D’Arcy (deloreen) of Marquesse contacted me last night, with a unique challenge.

I had forty five minutes to style and be ready to walk the runway with designs from

F a s t e r   P u s s y c a t and KL Couture.


In my post today, I cover designs by the talented Honey Bender of F a s t e r   P u s s y c a t and Marquesse.

Style Credits (Pic 1)

Model & Photographer: Ruby Ornamental

Outfit: Alice Cocktail Dress Blue/Bird by F a s t e r   P u s s y c a t available at the Tea Party

Hair Tattoo: Lio Shaved Hairbase by SYS

Headdress: Please release me hat by Gypsy Couture

Necklace: Papillon Set Necklace in Pink by Gizza

Tattoo: Southpaw in white by White Widow

Makeup: Eyeliner by Epoque, Eye Shadow Daphne by Zibska


Style Credits (Pic 2)

Model & Photographer: Ruby Ornamental

Dress: Spring Fusion dress in Frozen Cherry by Marquesse available at Tea Party

Hair: Tempest by Little Bones

Headdress: Roxanne Feather Tiara by Faster Pussycat

Boots: Viatrix boots by Zibska

Makeup: Rouge lips by Dead Apples, Liner by Epoque

Hope you continue to enjoy my blog. Loads of love



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