And we parted …

We did not speak often, but there was this uncanny way we could always pick up where we left like there was no interruption at all.

Every time I said, talking to him nostalgically reminded me about university times when we would spend hours sitting on the bus stop talking because where we sat was never relevant, he corrected me; he said Nostalgic is when it won’t happen again (not in the dictionary but in his mind). We always made plans to go back and often sat at that bus stop, talking drinking coffee discussing his retirement and my future.

None of that will happen anymore, my best friend for sixteen years left me with pain and nostalgia, this time in complete awareness that those memories will not be recreated ever again.

My hurt is new, it’s been a couple of months only which is probably why I often mind myself in a state of melancholy, but after having lost people I have loved I know the pain does not ever go away

I hope to bring to you my readers, better pictures and I have been practicing taking tips from friends and fellow models on second life. I hope you like what you see !



Style Credits

Model & Photographer : Ruby Ornamental

Oufit: Calisto outfit by Dot-be with color and texture change hud at SWANK

Hair : TSUBAKI in blonde with winter scarf by ARGRACE

Boots: Stevie chill boots by Prism at SWANK

Necklace: Pearliffic Necklace 2 with color change hud by !IT! at SWANK

Pose : Corina 10 by PosESioN available at SWANK



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