Fielding the Force

Force Field Analysis is a useful decision-making technique. It helps you make a decision by analyzing the forces for and against a change, and it helps you communicate the reasoning behind your decision more effectively.

It may definitely be used for decision making but is a very effective tool to change management!

There has been a lot going through my mind, my professional life in the physical world and I am someone who loves change, so much that if there was no change I would be anxious!


This outfit from Wicca’s Wardrobe available at SWANK was perfect to match my mood (Fierce and Sexy – when you cant push you seduce – rofl , that is me joking!! )

I know need to work with my team who seems to be more reluctant to change and the windstorm it brings, well I think its got to do with the fact that I am hopelessly optimistic, I am sure this will be an exciting learning exercise.


This post is about strength and I could not resist sharing news on this exciting project firestorm has underway which I think is a great way to encourage a more positive outlook to SecondLife and in the process create more accountability. Its called Share Your Love for Second Life and you can find all the information you need on this link here


I must say, while you share your rl photo and name and location at no point are you linking that with you SL avatar and as such you continue to protect your identity




Style Credits

Model & Photographer : Ruby Ornamental

Outift and Headress : Sookie Dress and Volucris Headpiece by Wicca’s Wardrobe at SWANK

Hair : boon XXX777 by Boon Hair

Boots : Black Leather (classic shade) by Bax Coen

Bracelet: Khaleesi in onyx and silver

Make Up : Eco Paint 3 by Zibska

Piercing : Silenced Piercing by Letis Tattoo

Tattoo: Wild Spirit by TAOX

Happy Shopping



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