SWANK is back with Halloween

So I am back, the surgery went off as planned with not much ado. A few days of hospital care and I am back. A lot to share but that as soon as I have a little more energy to talk smiles

I must confess , I am not a Halloween person. I dont think its a matter of choice as much as its a matter of exposure.

Scarecrows in India are seriously used for protecting fields of full produce from birds and pumpkins are just a vegetable we eat.

A beginners attempt at Halloween from what I have seen in the movies . winks

most times these are sexy … starts to think


Pic Credits :

Model & Photographer : Ruby Ornamental

Keresma – Rockabilly Bow Dress in Orange

[C a r o X] : Pumpkin 1 & 2 with the Candles on the set

[C a r o X]: Zombie Girl with Doll Avatar

Necklace : Semi precious Tree of Life in Gold – Light Pack


Pic Credits

Model & Photographer : Ruby Ornamental

Cozette by Danemarz in Blue Grape

Pose : [Shi.S.] I love the autumn Pose without Leaves

Set Up :[C a r o X] House Halloween and [C a r o X] Car with -BH- Mesh Freebie Crate 01 Textured and Textured Candles to create the feel of Exorcism


Pic Credits : Available At SWANK

Model & Photographer : Ruby Ornamental

DMZ Regina Jacket and Pants by Danemarz

Thank you for reading :

Your Limo to SWANK : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Manatoba/191/9/24


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