.PENUMBRA. A_W FW15 Publicity Teaser (1_4)

When : October 17, 2015 – October 24, 2015

What : Fourth Installment of the Penumbra Autum /Winter Fashion Week 2015 with over 50 participating designers and Media sponsors who will keep us updated and tuned to whats coming!

More Information: PENUMBRA. Fashion Week is around the corner. With over 50 designers driven to one single view of Absolute fashion and quality this is one I am extremely exited about because I love Winter and Autumn. I think it makes my eyes sparkle . Winks

The best of the media sponsors who will keep us going with the latest information DOPE Magazine, ECLIPSE Magazine, Fairplay, Fashioncentric, Inovare Magazine, Menstuff & Womensstuff, Miss SL Magazine, Seraphim, SL Live Radio, Windlight Magazine

Media Contact
Catalina Staheli

I promise to bring you more so watch this space!

Signing off

Ruby Ornamental

On Facebook: Direct updates from me here : https://www.facebook.com/RubyOrnamental4U

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