Do you Role Play

We ❤ Role-Play is back and is at a new location [SL] Blogger Support group had special blogger access into the event!!

A lot of exciting things I noticed designers and creators setting up , some wonderful drapes I would love to add to my home – OMG did I just say HOME. YESH

I finally did manage with tons of support set up a home and a Garage and a freaking awesome car and driving space (Gosh I am jealous of myself … lol – Pictures coming up soon)


For now let’s see what a person like me who does not Role Play manage to get her hands on at the event.


Outfit:  Dead Dollz::. Marla – Red – as always lovely details – I definitely see myself getting into bed with this one

Headwear: AZOURY Kali Headwear in Red

And if you fancy the amazing smoking pipe with 4 smoke options head off to the fair for sure

I am using the NOMAD // Stimsticks in Brass

Shoes : Finesmith Arena shoes I could not resist during the 50% off sale

.aisling. Iron Maiden Rust shoulders and open colar which I have had from the Role Play Gacha event for a while now



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