:) Away From The Crowd …. My Space

How often do I find myself in the midst of people .. music … chatter and all I want to do is walk away … and I imagine myself like in the movies walking out and finding myself of this isolated beach … A few steps I walk and then kick of my stilettos .. Because there is nothing better than the bare my in my bare space

Thank You Cub for the amazing pictures …


Credits : 
Outfit : HHC Jennifer North Jumpsuit at [SWANK] 
Accessories : Reve d’Espoir Texture Change Jewellery Chop Zuey
Hair : Vanity Hair Ennui Ombre Naturals Pack 
Pic 1 & 2 Credits : Cubito Smith
Pic 3 : Self 
Inspired by the Hollywood Film  ” Valley of the dolls” this is a sparkling retro jumpsuit with the right slits and completely set up with the Gold Ring Belt . Silk textures and fully beaded . 


Finally a Picture I got myself



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